Click this link to see a set of visualizations about Celtic-language poets.

Select different graphical representations of the data from the Visualizations menu on the top-right.

  • Listing provides a simple textual listing of the poets. This is initially ordered by the poets’ names, but you can re-order the entries by clicking the View Options icon button.
  • Birthplaces places poets on a map according to where they were born.
  • Flourished Places places poets on a map according to the primary place of residence where they produced most of their work.
  • Flourished Chronology places poets on a timeline according to the time period of their adulthood when they would have most likely produced their literary output. The top frame provides the larger macro time scale that is given in greater detail below (zoom); select the box in the top macro frame below to move around in time.
  • By Language and allows you to see overall patterns in the biographical data about poets. Poets are first grouped together by language; you can then choose a secondary facet, such as the country in which they flourished or their sex, to see the varying distributions of data.