Project Data

The selection of poets represented in this project does not (yet) claim to be exhaustive. The data is meant to demonstrate both the geographical and chronological breadth of poetic activity in North America.

Each poet represented in this digital project has an entry in the database which stores the following data:

  • The poet’s names: in its native form, its English or French equivalent, and his/her poetic “pen name”
  • The poet’s sex
  • The poet’s Celtic language [it is assumed that poets only compose in one]
  • His/her place of birth: town, state/province, country, lat-long
  • His/her place of death [if no longer living]: town, state/province, country, lat-long
  • The date range of his/her life
  • The place in North America where s/he flourished and when – that is, where and when s/he produced the majority of his/her literature

If the necessary data is lacking for one of these fields, it is left blank. This means that the visual marker representing the poet will not appear in a visualization that requires that information.